Viotti Gianella Mercadante: Three Italian duets

These three duets are among the most interesting that I have played recently. Many flutists feel at home with the music of Mercadante or Gianella, but Viotti was known only to me for violin music. However, he has also written three quartets for flute and strings and other Six Serenades for the same formation as well as six other Serenades for two flutes. The Serenade featured in this album is a pleasant and original piece. It is subtitled as Duo Concertante and the two parts of flute are equally important and to be played with great satisfaction. The structure of the hue is very interesting with the extreme movements both in A major while the middle movement is in F major and F minor. Gianella’s Duo concertante and the brilliant Duo of Mercadante are full of charm and demonstrate the veracity of the saying “all music derives from song and dance" because both forms are represented here. The care of the reviewer is excellent and so is the press, but the presence of a score would have been a great help.

Brenda Dykes
PAN the flute magazine June 2007

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