Daily exercises for staccato

Divided in four sections, and structured in exercises and scales, the work is thought for players looking for a better a staccato technique. Practising these exercises may be done by degrees of difficulty or by subject: pentaphonic fragments, harmonics, double and treble staccato, major and minor modes.

15.00 tax inc.

Sandro for trumpet and piano

Sandro. How to pay homage to a great teacher without falling into the rhetoric of memories or the obvious? An idea, an intuition of those who knew him well, to tell, in a simple passage in which are collected the peculiarities of the instrument that for more than thirty years have been his voice and his thought, the man, the professional, friend Sandro Verzari.

18.50 tax inc.

Technical exercises for trumpet

Sandro Verzari, first trumpet in prestigious orchestras and world-renowned teacher, has released these excellent fifteen daily technical exercise for trumpet just few months before his death.

16.00 tax inc.