30 Capricci op. 107 for flute solo

«The existing literature does not exhaust the unlimited technical possibilities (of the Boehm flute)» asserted Karg-Elert in his preface of the 30 Capricci (1919). And with this idea in mind, he completely changed the stereotyped use of the flute, reproposing it as a privileged instrument for composers of the twentieth century. An absolute masterpiece of flutist literature of all time, can also be used as a valuable teaching tool.

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Sonata Appassionata for flute solo, op. 140

Edition by Rien de Reede.
Karg-Elert was fascinated by the limitless technical possibilities of the Boehm flute and thanks to him the instrument discovered the beginning of a new, fortunate season of important compositions. Among these, surely the Sonata Appassionata for flute only has a first place, an extraordinary and lyrical solo of five minutes with typically late-romantic features.

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