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Mario Pilati

Musician (Naples 1903 - 1938). He studied at the Conservatory of S. Pietro a Maiella in Naples, where he returned in 1930, after some years spent in Cagliari and Milan where he taught composition in private form (he was teacher of G. Gavazzeni). He wrote many works of noble inspiration and commitment, including a Notturno (1923) and Tre Pezzi (1923-25) for orchestra, a Suite for piano and string orchestra (1924-25), Sonatas for flute (1922-26), for violin (1928-29), for cello (1929), a Psalm CXXXIII for 2 choirs with 8 voices (1925), an oratorio, The baptism of Christ, for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1927) and the unfinished work Piedigrotta (1937-38), celebration of Naples as the home of the melody. With his compositions he won some of the most prestigious international awards including, in 1927, the Coolidge award.