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Franco Nobis

Franco Nobis graduated in 1982 in flute at the Conservatory of Mantua, after having achieved classical maturity. It was subsequently perfected with Severino Gazzelloni in Siena, Renate Greis in Venice, Aurèle Nicolet in Altamura, Peter Lukas Graf in Sermoneta, Mario Ancillotti in Riva del Garda. He has been awarded in several chamber music competitions including the first prize in the city of Genoa competition, and has performed concert activities in various chamber ensembles in Italy and abroad. He undertook musicological studies at the University of Cremona and participated in some publications including the "Bibliography of the works of Brescian musicians published in print from 1497 to 1740" by Oscar Mischiati (Florence, Olschki 1992). He is a flute teacher at the "Italo Calvino" music school in Piacenza. In 2006 he obtained the II level Academic Diploma at the Conservatory of Adria.