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Ernesto Köhler

Ernesto Köhler (Modena, 4 December 1849 - St. Petersburg, 17 May 1907) was an Italian composer and flautist. Firstborn of the Bohemian Joseph Venceslau Köhler (1809 - 1878), formerly first flute of the Chapel of the Ducal Court of Modena, he began the study of the flute with his father. In 1869 he moved to Vienna to fill the position of first flute at the Karl Theater and in 1871, at the invitation of Cesare Ciardi, he settled permanently in Petersburg where he died. Important is the production of didactic works based largely on the belcantistic style, the main characteristic of the Italian flute school linked to the melodrama where elegance, phrasing, expression, sing-songwriting were the objectives of every performer.