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Niccolò Dôthel

Niccolò Dôthel, an excellent flutist born in Lunéville, France, carries out his entire career in Italy, in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, both in the court orchestra and in the military band; through his work as a musician and teacher, and with his publications, he makes a substantial contribution to the diffusion of the transverse flute.
Niccolò Dôthel, son of an oboist serving in Nancy at the Court of Lorraine, arrives with his father in Florence following Francesco Stefano, named Grand Duke of Tuscany. From 1736 he played in the military band and in the Cappella di Corte, here his presence is documented until 1807, moreover, from 1765 to 1798, he is part of the Teatro della Pergola orchestra.
In Florence Dothel gives life to a flute school; among his students we remember Mattias Stabingher, author of the first known works (Opera 6) written for four flutes without a bass part.
Niccolò Dôthel leaves many compositions for flute, all published in Paris, London and Amsterdam, except the Six Quartets for flute or two violins, viola and cello, printed in Florence by Ranieri del Vivo.