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Vincenzo De Michelis

The biographical information on Vincenzo De Michelis is very scarce, it is reported in full what he says Fortunato Sconzo in his The Flute and Flutists: "Valente flute concertist, held for years, with competence and decorum the place of the first flute at the Apollo Theater, and he was also a professor at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, and he also attempted some improvements in the construction of the flute, and in 1874 he wrote a new method that particularly reflects the practical use of his constructive finds. flute and piano, and twenty-five further studies (Ed. Ricordi, Milan) ". The new flute system devised by De Michelis was a conical chamfer with 13 keys and 4 levers, and was made by the Roman manufacturer 'Fratelli Ricchi' and put into production by Agostino Rampone.